Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where can i find a pro bono lawyer for criminal cases?

criminal case, assult in the 3rd degree, and gun possesionWhere can i find a pro bono lawyer for criminal cases?
Pro bono at first instance (i.e., for pre-trial advice and the trial itself) only through the state-funded public defender or legal aid service. If you haven't the funds to pay a lawyer on your own, they MUST supply one. Of course he may be incompetent, and he'll have to work for peanuts in many jurisdictions -- that's the problem.

You might get some help from a support organization for guns, or if you're a minority from a civil rights organization. Or if your rights have been compromised by the ACLU or a similar group.

On appeal if your case is legally interesting for students and facult, a law school clinic may help. Indeed, if your case looks outrageous on its face you can try them now.

By and large lawyers aren't available directly pro bono except in high profile cases because, well because you don't work pro bono either do you? They've got to live. And if they did something wrong, even working for free, you'd sue them for malpractice. (It happens often.)

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