Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How much would it cost to fight a criminal case for selling marijuana?

How much do You figure it would cost to fight a case involving selling large quantities of marijuana including the cost of bail, all legal fees, and the cost of hiring a top notch lawyer who would be sure to get me the very best results (Not johnny cockhran kind of lawyer but a good one).

Thanks.How much would it cost to fight a criminal case for selling marijuana?
I would charge about 15k. That does not include bail or cost of investigation.How much would it cost to fight a criminal case for selling marijuana?
Depends on which state you are in how much you was holding.

All together I spent well over 12k to get probation and a hefty fine slapped upon me. But I'm a 2x bruh.

Are you a first offender?

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Depends on A. How much. If its under a LB then no big deal

The tiers are Under LB. 1lb - 100lbs, 100lbs-1Klbs then anything over 1Klbs.

Then B. If you are across state lines w/ transportation intent to distribute is taxed on. Thats a huge upgrade.

Then C. Avr good Lawyer or Solid lawyer.

Then D. If you have any Priors.

If its a 50 pound bust crossing the state lines then the bail may be $50K if its your 1st offense making bailbond $5K. Your lawyer may depending on level should be $8K- $20K if it goes to trial for a solid chance of getting off w/out charges.

Last depends on Plea or sentence, Fines for a 50LB bust can be $25K, probation can get expensive as well.

There are a lot of factors that go into this, give the variables and I really could give you a more accurate description.

For your 1st offense and the right amount of $ depending on how conservative the area is that you got caught, you can get everything dropped w/ the right Lawyer who knows everyone. Even w/ the wrong Lawyer Fine/Probation for 1st offense is likely.
okay if were talkiing pulling out all the stops and kid games...lets say your caught trafficing a few pounds of pot and your cought at a border... okay first off your not gonna get off unless you have a lawyer that is in with everyone in the state ur case is from and hes gonna charge u around 5 to 10 k and u might get away with community service or probation..but if ur outta state they would rather put in u jail for 6 months... listen

be preparred to do half a year on ur first offence.. true story..just do it its not as hard as u think
quantity? you're going to need $10k, min. would be good to have more somewhere. and best you're probably going for is probation and a fine, and etc.

or you do mandatory minimum.
At least 20-30k. Depending on the amount of marijuana this can vary. For approx 1 pound or more at least 20-30K.

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