Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is fleeing from the restaurant without paying a civil or criminal case?

Is it going to be like stealing which is criminal offence, or not meeting terms of purchase which is a civil case.Is fleeing from the restaurant without paying a civil or criminal case?
It is defrauding an innkeeper as someone truly stated already.

What makes it a criminal case is that someone is taking food that is expected to be paid for, consuming it in their body, and proceeding out of the door without paying.

It is the same as shoplifting items from any store, except that it is a restaurant and you consume the food first.

What typically makes something a civil case is if it deals with money or property rights only. Say someone is living somewhere and the owner wants them kicked out, civil. Let us say someone throws a rock through a window but didn't mean it, it was an accident, civil.

It is all about intent in criminal, and eating and leaving is full of intent. It is the intent of stealing the food from the restaurant. It is just called something different for some odd reason. I think it should be called larceny like all others, it is the same punishment anyway.Is fleeing from the restaurant without paying a civil or criminal case?
Dine and dash usually is a misdemeanor in Illinois unless there was damage or the meal was very, very expensive. It is called theft of services. Bond is usually more than the meal would cost( $100.00 cash) and the court will keep 10 percent of the bond if you are charged. So, if caught, you generally pay more than if you just paid for the meal in the first place.Even if you are found not guilty, it is likely the court will keep the 10 percent.
It is both.

Criminal offense, probably petty theft, a misdemeanor, and the restaurant could file a civil action for the value of the meal, though the punishment for a conviction on the criminal charge would include the payment of restitution to the restaurant.
Criminally you will get charged with stealing but the owner can sue you in a civil case if he can find a way that you running away hurt his buisness (very easy). Most likly he wont sue you because the cost of court and a lawyer will be far greater than your meal.
Where I live it's criminal. It's considered defrauding an innkeeper. Old fashioned terminology but it boils down to being a theft/larceny issue.
It is defrauding the restaurant and a criminal case. Like shoplifting, except the goods are in your stomach.
Its called ';Defrauding an Innkeeper'; (537PC) and is a misdemeanor charge in California.
Petty theft is a criminal offense.

The restaurant can sue for damages and loss.

So it is both.
stealing- criminal

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