Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Canadian with pending criminal cases?

I am a canadian citizen. I am not in canada at the moment. I have criminal cases pending and have warrents in canada. Was wondering if i could travel from Asia to The United arab emirates. Without getting into troubleCanadian with pending criminal cases?
It depends if they have access to CPIC: the Canadian Police Information Centre, which is the criminal record database managed and administered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

If not, then by way of Interpol.

But when or if you return to Canada, the police will find you arrest you under the arrest warrants issued.

Leaving the country makes it worse for your defence and you will likely be incarcerated without bail because you are a flight risk.

Also the Crown Attorney will likely seek more jail time because in his or her view you are not taking responsibility for the crimes for which are accused and hence not likely to rehabilitate.

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