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How are civil cases different from criminal cases?

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plzHow are civil cases different from criminal cases?
In Criminal cases, you must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is reasonable doubt, then the jury is not supposed to convict you. In civil cases, you can still be found liable by the jury even if there is some reasonable doubt. So long as you are more than 50% responsible, then you are liable.

In civil cases, the jury typically does not have to reach a unanimous verdict, just some kind of majority. In criminal cases, the jury's verdict must be unanimous.

Also, criminal cases are the only cases in which you are sentenced. In civil cases, the results of the trial are orders to pay sums of money or transfer property. There can also be instructions by the court to not do certain things (injunction).How are civil cases different from criminal cases?
A criminal case is for a violation of a criminal law, designed to protect society from criminals by punishing them with fines or prison (or even a death penalty). A civil case is for a violation against another person (or a government agency) and can result in payment of damages, administrative suspension of a license, or injunction to stop or to enforce some action. The procedures for each type of case are different because of the difference in possible outcomes (e.g., loss of liberty versus payment of money to an injured person). Civil cases arise from torts, contracts, or violations of statutes and regulations and often overlap criminal violations. For example, you could be charged with criminal fraud and civil fraud at the same time, but the trials would be different and the verdicts would be different.
Look up the O.J. Simpson trials...he was tried in criminal court for the death of Nichole Simpson, not guilty. Then tried in civil court for damages and found guilty.
Criminal cases are for a violation of a law or statute while civil cases are where someone is suing for damages or to recover something that they feel was theirs.

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